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Dedicated Team service is getting more and more attention in recent years. Working on the particular project, a professional has a possibility to learn thoroughly clients' requirements and complete them as efficiently as possible.

    Advantages :)

  • Skilled professionals working just for you.
  • Ability to select, manage and control team members for your project.
  • Direct access to each team member.
  • Flexible contract terms. Higher level of project security control, IP rights protection and confidentiality.
  • Negotiable cost depending on your requirements.
  • No start up or maintenance costs or taxes. Direct contact. Cautions Variable cost.
  • A big deal of communication and negotiation. Constant control from the customer's part.

    Cautions !

  • Variable cost.
  • Constant control from the customer's part.

Time & Material model is developed for long-term projects, when it is difficult to estimate the required resources and thus plan the budget. This model provides you with a possibility to pay for company's services in parts according to the payment agreement specified by the contract. After both sides have agreed on time limits, software, hardware, human and other resources required for your project, we invoice your monthly or weekly charge.

    Advantages :)

  • Flexible and negotiable budget.
  • Possibility to pay in parts.
  • Low risk: project development can be changed or canceled at any stage.

    Cautions !

  • No strictly defined time limits.
  • The project budget is less controlled.
  • The client is highly involved into the development process including the clearance and approval of time-sheets.

The Fixed Budget Model is an ideal variant in case if a client determined the specifications of his project clearly. At this rate we analyze client's requirements in order to estimate the cost of the project, its delivery date and workout a detailed plan of project completion.

    Advantages :)

  • Fixed budget: buyer has predictability of his costs.
  • Well-defined time limits.
  • Exact development plan and technical documentation.

    Cautions !

  • Requirements must be defined before the project starts.
  • Resources are managed by the project manager and they may vary depending on the conditions.
  • Additional requests are payed over budget.

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Facebook Application Development Bangladesh
Social Media Solution Bangaldesh


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Why should you bring your Business into Facebook? Well, worldwide, there are more than 10 Billion Facebook users and around 3.6 million (36 Lac) in Bangladesh as of now. Facebook is just becoming more and more popular among different demographic age users day by day. This ever growing social network platform with this amount of user base has certainly created an easy path to reach your Customers in a more effectively than ever. Inherent Viral effect of the Social Network can give you an instant reach of your communication to the whole world in a word of mouth fashion.

Worldwide, every renowned Brand/Business is coming up with their innovating Facebook Applications for their Customers understanding the impact of it. Let's go through some Business Benefits of using Facebook Applications:

Branding - Facebook can be a great resource for creating brand awareness.

Customer Engagement - Facebook Application can be a great way for communicating your business Promotions, Events, Regular activities and get a chance to talk your Consumers directly.

Web Traffic - Facebook can be a portal point for driving traffic for your site.

Reputation Management - A unique chance to get know about your brand from your Customer directly.

New Lead Generation / Customer Acquisition - Facebook provides an opportunity to find consumers you may have not otherwise discovered.

Customer Retention - A great tool to build relationship with the Customers and thus can retain your Customers for long.

Viral effect: the Inherent Value - Facebook has taken word of mouth to a whole new level. Nothing attracts a Crowd like a Crowd.

Want to talk to our Project Manager directly ? Please Call at : (880)-1912387297 , (880)-1926672049 ... We would be happy to answer your queries.

nothing attracts Crowd like a Crowd !


facebook share

Proper Facebook Business Page Moderation / Campaign Management can take your Customer Engagement to its optimum Level - thus creates a huge positive impact on Reputation Management, Customer retention and Brand Awareness.

In the case of Page Management, only proper planning and 24/7 maintenance can build Customer Engagement and can help in attracting new Customers. Scattered Post with improper planning, visuals, messages, timing and maintenance can ruined your Customer Experience and thus will effect negatively on Customer Retention, Brand Awareness and Reputation Management.

Proper Facebook Page Management and Campaign Management Includes -

- Developing Post Plans (daily / weekly / monthly)

- Consideration of the Proper Post Timing

- Developing Proper Communication Messages

- Ensuring Proper Visuals Postwise / Campaignwise

- LIVE Moderation of the Comments and Messages

- Developing Monthly Report

- Generating Campaign Ideas

- Manage the Campaign

- Analyzing the impact of a campaign

- Developing the other relevant materials for Social Media

- Provide Analytics and Reports on traffic

Want to talk to our Project Manager directly ? Please Call at : (880)-1912387297 , (880)-1926672049 ... We would be happy to answer your queries.

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